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Modern-Shed has been producing the highest quality limited living space structures of its kind for years. You can count on Modern-Shed to help you find a solution to your home office needs or other limited space needs. Whether it is a home office, or an art studio or a man cave that you want.

Bainbridge Island, Washington is a beautiful area located on the Puget Sound coast of Washington State. Bainbridge Island was named one of the best places to live in America. With a population of 25,000 people and growing quickly you can be sure that adding living space or home office space to an already existing home is of utmost importance.

Bainbridge Island has a number of centers of commerce including downtown Winslow, The Lynnwood Centre, Fletcher Bay and finally Rolling Bay. The area is accessible by driving on roads or via ferry. It is truly a beautiful area place to live.

With this beauty and high quality of life, comes some challenges which Modern-Shed is ideally suited to help with. Having a home office, or an art studio or even a yoga studio only steps from your back door can change your life and lessen the burden of either limited living space or with a difficult commute. Modern-Shed is the innovative creator of the highest quality structure of its kind. Pre-fabricated panels can be carried into small and tight spaces for easy, fast assembly. Instead of converting your carport or garage and losing that space consider a new style of shed, a Modern-Shed. We can help you create a quiet space for you to work in, study or for your kids to play.

We make smart choices about both shed design and the materials we use. Space is of primary importance to you and us. Being Green is not just something Modern-Shed talks about, but instead is a natural way of working and living. Our manufacturing process in part of this Green process as well. Modern-Shed offers office solutions that are efficient spaces and are well insulated and energy friendly. Many of the products involved in the manufacture of our sheds are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The General Manager of Modern-Shed is Tim Vack and he has worked from home for over 20 years. He firmly believes that "Working from home with no commute is the best for me," he says. "There can be many benefits in tax advantages and cost savings for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Employees of other companies can find big savings in time, frustration and the cost of a commute."

Remote working has become ever more popular. More and more people turn to us for solutions to working at home. That solution of course is a Modern Outdoor Home Office Shed.

We know working from home can be challenging and Modern-Shed has your home office and limited living space solutions. There are many options for a modern home office shed and when you explore our gallery (link the word gallery to any of our galleries please) you will see some of the many choices available to you, combined with a high level of customization you can create the ideal home office workspace. Our Outdoor Home Offices are productive spaces in which you can both be creative and make a living. Bainbridge Island is an ever-growing area, and sometimes working at home is the ideal solution to your work needs. We provide solutions for home office and other space challenged or limited living space. Modern-Shed offers living and storage space solutions to the people of Bainbridge Island and the surrounding areas.

Modern-Shed can absolutely help you with your home office situation. We have a home office solution for all.

We are experienced and expert at providing solutions for home office and other space challenged or limited living space needs. Life on Bainbridge Island is pretty amazing. However sometimes a little extra space or a better home office situation can transform your life.

Modern-Shed offers living and storage space solutions to the people of Bainbridge Island.

Contact Modern-Shed at (360) 789-7822 and let us show you the many different ways to create that home office solution you have been looking for. Explore our website and see some of the many examples of our work.

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