Why We're Experts at Modern-Shed

Ever since Modern-Shed had its modest backyard beginnings, we have strived to create long-lasting, high-quality products that fulfill the needs of our customers.

Modern-Shed was the “original modern shed” company and innovated and refined the idea. Modern-Shed understands it’s customer’s needs and provides a great solution to the customer’s unique situation. No Modern-Sheds are “off the shelf”. Each one is designed and hand built to suite the customer’s tastes and needs.

We purchase all of our building materials from local suppliers, in an effort to support the local economy, near our manufacturing facility in Sedro-Woolley, Washington.

All of our Modern-Sheds are created in panels for easy on site assembly. These panels are fabricated in our factory by a small team of highly-experienced workers. Our team leader has more than a decade of experience in building design and AutoCAD. Our structures are engineered to meet building code requirements in most jurisdictions where permits are required. We even have specially designed and engineered structures for one of the most stringent building requirement; the city of Los Angeles.

With vast knowledge and years of experience at the table, we go above and beyond at Modern-Shed to create durable structures that will outlast the typical garden shed one might purchase at a garden show or Big-box store.

We can also deliver, unload and install your Modern-Shed straight to your doorstep along the West Coast, or you can hire your own installer and we will offer telephone assistance whenever needed.


Modern-Shed floors are built to withstand anything a customer might place on top of them — from a grand piano for the Modern-Shed music room to large-scale weights for the Modern-Shed home gym or a motorcycle for the guy who wants a place to protect and work on his ride. With standard 4x10” perimeter beams with 2x6” floor joists or optional 4x12” perimeter beams and 2x8” floor joists, this structure can hold up to whatever use is needed and in any climate with factory optioned insulation.

Modern-Sheds offer more support per square foot than a typical home — our floor joists are built 12” on center, meaning those joists are 12 inches apart. In a typical home, floor joists are built 16 on center.

Modern-Shed uses pressure treated perimeter beams as well as pressure treated plywood on the underside of Modern-Shed floors to make them building-code-compliant so they could sit right on the ground if so desired and to increase the longevity of the floors.

At Modern-Shed, high-grade ACX plywood is used instead of Oriented strand board (OSB) so that our floors are compatible with several different flooring types, including ceramic tile, engrained hardwood and carpet. In addition to using nails, extra care and steps are used to glue the Modern-Shed floor sheathing so that they have a higher strength and eliminate floor squeaking down the road.

Modern-Shed floors are thicker and won’t sag or warp over time.


At Modern-Shed, the use of the highest-grade lumber and framing materials is imperative to create walls that are straight, not warped, and are a true fit for assemble.

2x4” and optional 2x6” wall framing are built to standard, 16 on center, to meet building code requirements. Due to the unique panelizing system, every other or every third stud is doubled, which exceeds building standards.

In addition to using nails, the extra step is taken to glue Modern-Shed wall sheathing, so that they have higher shear strength.

Modern-Shed offers OSB, ZipWall and plywood wall sheathing to meet the needs and tastes of our customers, who may desire standard siding, lap siding or open-joint siding.

Unique Rain Screen/Open Joint siding system:
Using ZipWall® in conjunction with VaproShield® and James Hardie® siding panels, Modern-Shed has created the unique “open joint” siding system which provides, not only a rain screen but a solar heat barrier exclusive to Modern-Shed. This system lets the building breath at the same time making it water proof.

Windows and doors

Modern-Shed windows and doors meet stringent energy code requirements.

Modern-Shed offers aluminum, vinyl and fiber-glass framed windows and doors to meet the customers’ tastes, needs and price range. The window suppliers create windows using recyclable materials and are as green as possible. Also upgraded (as standard) our locksets, hinges and hardware is stainless steel and rust-resistant for coastal climates.