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Modern-Shed has been providing solutions for home offices and other space challenged areas for many years. We are the limited living space experts. Modern-Shed offers storage and living space solutions to the people of Portland, Oregon and All of Washington and California.

If you are considering a home addition, or giving consideration to converting a space like a garage, bedroom or attic, Modern-Shed can provide you the best alternative solutions. Visit Our Customer Snapshots page and see some of the experiences our clients have with Modern-Sheds.

Instead of converting a space, consider a separate home office or limited living space solution. We offer the highest quality pre-fabricated solutions to your home office and other limited space needs. Imagine a quiet work, play or guest space and the difference it can make in both your work life and personal life.

At Modern-Shed we often hear from our customers about the many amazing ways that their sheds have changed and enhanced their everyday lives for the better. Our structures allow clients to spend more time with their family and still devote time to their passions, work or to simply relax in a space that is wholly their own. Visit Our Gallery.

A frequently found benefit of having a space provided by Modern Shed, is that it tends to allow you to improve the quality of your time throughout the day and a dedicated separate office, studio or work room often improves your productivity. The space is easy to keep clean, tends to be highly organized and efficient and the entire space is usually dedicated towards one purpose.

Modern-Sheds also have a financial upside, potentially including a tax benefits. Tax benefits vary by profession and the shed’s size and frequency of use. Many Modern-Shed customers have found major savings from unexpected places. Consult with a tax professional in your area for details.

Working remotely is certainly a reality for many people these days. Modern Shed can help you achieve that with an Outdoor Home Office Shed.

Having an Outdoor Home Office Shed can provide you a quiet, orderly, professional environment to work in without disrupting or changing your home living environment. Many people in the Greater Portland Oregon area have turned to us for help in creating these productive spaces. As seen in both our galleries (link to a gallery) and in our blog (link to the blog) the range of choices for an Outdoor Home Office Shed is very large.

We are proud to be helping people in the Portland area with the limited living space and home office needs. Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon and is located in Multnomah County. The residents of Portland have the same home office and limited living space needs as those in other more densely populated areas and Modern-Shed is there to help. Download our Catalog at Modern Shed Portland.

Portland Oregon is frequently named as one of the most environmentally aware cities in the country. Portland, has a large community of bicyclists and restaurant dining that is farm to table . The weather is ideal for all sorts of flowers and plant life and Portland is even called the city of Roses.

Should you need help with a home office solution in Portland or a solution for a limited living space in Portland, consider Modern-Shed.

Modern-Shed General Manager Tim Vack, is a great example of how a Modern-Shed can change your life, he has worked from home for 20 years. "Working from home with no commute is the best … for me," he says. "For small business owners and entrepreneurs there are many benefits in cost savings and tax advantages. Employees of other companies find big savings in time, frustration and the cost of a typical commute."

We know working from home has its challenges and Modern-Shed has your home office and limited living space solutions.

Modern-Shed has provided innovative, eco-friendly solutions to storage and space problems that have become typical in this growing, modern world. The options are endless. How will you use your Modern-Shed? 800-261-7282

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