Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use a Modern-Shed for?
A: Modern-Sheds can be used for any number of purposes. Our clients have turned their Modern-Sheds into home offices, art studios, guest cottages, man caves, fitness rooms, music practice rooms, garden sheds and more. Visit the Your Space section for models and check out our stories at
How long does it take to install a Modern-Shed?
A: Allow approximately four to five weeks of manufacturing time once ordered (plans approved). Shipping/delivery time depends on your location. After that, installation should take no more than several days, depending on the size of your structure. A typical 10x12 size structure takes 3-4 days, whereas a larger 16x40 may take a few weeks depending on permitting/inspections
Do we need a permit to build a Modern-Shed?
A: In many cities and jurisdictions, you can place a Modern-Shed without a permit based on size and location. Please check with your local building jurisdiction to find out any zoning/set-back/building restrictions or guidelines. Modern-Shed structures are designed and with certain options, are 100% permit-able; even in the strictest building code jurisdiction of Los Angeles, CA. Your Modern-Shed representative will assist you in designing your Modern-Shed to meet the exact requirements needed for your area.
Can Modern-Sheds be installed with electricity and plumbing?
A: Yes. Ask your Modern-Shed representative about options to connect your Modern-Shed with utilities. We pre-drill all of our framing units to accommodate electrical wires. Final electrical work is completed by installers on site. Modern-Shed will soon be partnering with a solar company to give you even more flexibility.
Do Modern-Sheds need a foundation?
A: No. Modern-Sheds have a unique, pre-cast pier system that allows us to install the structure anywhere, even on uneven ground. Sonotube or typical foundations can be used in larger structure applications. (this is usually dictated by engineering and building code)
Do Modern-Sheds come painted?
A: Yes, we offer the highest quality paint from Benjamin Moore® as an option, which we do at our manufacturing facility for our customers’ convenience.
How much does a Modern-Shed cost per square foot?
A: Modern-Sheds vary enormously in size, design and options, all of which affect cost. Therefor we never quote a per square foot price. Come to us with your idea. We’ll discuss options with you and create a structure/price to meet your budget. Please ask your local Modern-Shed representative for more details.